Real-Time Reporting Adobe Analytics API Tutorial


Adobe has a nice real-time dashboard built directly into Reports & Analytics (SiteCatalyst). It is easy to configure and get up and running quickly. According to Adobe product manager Ben GainesReal-Time reports in Adobe Analytics has become one of the most popular features in Reports & Analytics.” What you may not know is that real-time data can be accessed via Adobe’s reporting API. Adobe has a great tutorial on how to get started with the Adobe Analytics Real-Time API that you need to check out. The example was used in a lab session at past Adobe Summits and it looks like it was offered again at the 2016 Adobe Summit. If you went to Summit let me know how the session was. I haven’t attended the session before, but I was in search of a real-time API sample for Adobe Analytics and I stumbled upon this gem.

In this post I am going to walk you through Lesson 1 and Lesson 6 from this tutorial. Lesson 1 gives you the basic fundamentals needed to run a Adobe Analytics real-time report. Lesson 6 gives you a working real-time dashboard with snazzy D3.js visualizations that you can load right now in your browser. Hopefully you can use this as the foundation for building some actionable solutions that leverage real-time data at your organization. I look forward to hearing about the real-time dashboard you build or the real-time content and campaign optimization or the real-time site health alert tools. Please share what you create in the comments or @ryanpraski.

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How to Add 100 Users to Adobe Analytics in Seconds


Website to add multiple users
Sample CSV file to upload to the website

The Problem: How to add 100 users to Adobe Analytics as efficiently as possible?

A client recently requested that I add 100 new users to an Adobe Analytics account. I didn’t want to go in and add each user one by one via user management in the administrative console. It could take an hour or more to fill in the required fields for each of the 100 users. Administrative upkeep and user management is tedious work that is prone to errors. There had to be a better way.

The Solution: Use a web application that leverages the Adobe Analytics API

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Using the Adobe Analytics API for Report Suite Configuration


This post describes an actual situation I found myself in when setting up a new report suite in Adobe Analytics. In options 1-3 I go over standard administrative console based options for copying settings between report suites. In option 4 I introduce another option that uses the Adobe Analytics API. I recommend perfecting the Adobe Analytics API report suite configuration and usage on a test report suite first before applying what you’ve learned to a production report suite.

Check out my new post on How to Add 100 Users to Adobe Analytics in Seconds for information on how to use a web application that leverages the Adobe Analytics API to add multiple users fast.

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